APBS conference : risk management approaches (By Mr. Zied Boudriga).

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Conference presented by the highly respected Mr. Zied Boudriga. Mr. Boudriga will share his expertise on risk management approaches based on the internationally recognized ISO 31000:2018 standard. You will have the opportunity to learn new ways to identify and manage risks in your organization, and ensure that your business is well-protected against potential threats. Don’t … Read more

APBS conference : innovatin for success (By Mr. Kevin McCabe).

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Conference featuring the remarkable Mr. Kevin McCabe! During this captivating event, he will share his personal journey through life and business, including how he overcame failures to achieve success. His insightful presentation will motivate and encourage students to pursue their passions and embrace failure as a valuable learning opportunity.

APBS conference : Artificial Intelligence: A Gold Mine for Companies (By Mrs. Nouha Bel Haj Youssef).

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We are humbled to have Nouha Bel Haj Youssef, Google’s Women Techmakers Ambassador, join us as a guest speaker for this grand occasion. The conference will encompass the diverse applications of AI in fields like marketing and healthcare, with an extensive exposition on the employment of AI technology and the various tools involved by companies. … Read more

APBS conference : LinkedIn Ads: The Secret Weapon for B2B (By Mr. AJ Wilcox).

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Our keynote speaker, AJ Wilcox, esteemed Host of the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast and distinguished Founder of B2Linked.com, will elaborate on how LinkedIn Ads provide unrivaled targeting options for B2B marketers, albeit at a significant expense. The conference will encompass discussions on the suitability of advertising on the platform, optimizing LinkedIn traffic economically, and devising … Read more

APBS conference : Visualization in the service of Innovation: A Formula for Success (By Mrs. Olfa Atallah Galichet).

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the ingenious Mrs. Olfa Atallah Galichet. Acquire her unparalleled expertise on how to harness visualization as a tool for innovation and success. You will explore novel methods to unlock your creativity, generate innovative ideas, and actualize your vision. Do not let this exceptional opportunity elude you, as you will gain valuable knowledge and have the … Read more

APBS conference : Sustainable Tourism (By Mr. Khaled Ben Rejeb).

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The esteemed guest speaker, Khaled Ben Rejeb, President of the Tunisian Association for Solidarity Tourism, delivered a thought-provoking lecture on how the coronavirus pandemic has provided us with a unique opportunity to reconsider our approach towards travel and instigate significant changes within the travel industry. He provided practical insights and strategies that can be implemented … Read more

APBS conference : The Interconnection between Design, Art, and Business (By Mr.Jalal Bilanli).

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APBS recently hosted a conference titled “The Interconnection between Design, Art, and Business: Understanding the Relationship” on Tuesday, April 25. The conference was led by Jalal Bilanli, Founder & Trainer, who discussed how combining design and business can lead to success. The conference also explored the possibility of starting a successful business from scratch and … Read more

Seminar by Ms. Ismahen Saidi, titled “Butterfly Design”

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APBS had the privilege of hosting a seminar by Ms. Ismahen Saidi, titled “Butterfly Design”. The speaker presented on the topic of entrepreneurship and provided insights on how to establish an inspiring business venture. The session provided an excellent opportunity for exchange between an eloquent speaker and a highly engaged audience. Stay tuned for more … Read more